Magical Visits From The Furry Godmother

30, 45 or 60 minute visits of undivided, personal TLC. We customize visits to suit your needs and create the most enjoyable experience for your pet(s). Magical Visits include:

pet sitting highlights  Feeding, Fresh water, Cleaning up after your pet(s)
pet sitting highlights  Play time, Exercise/walking, Brushing
pet sitting highlights  Administering medication if needed
pet sitting highlights  Watering plants
pet sitting highlights  Picking up mail and newspapers
pet sitting highlights  Rotating shades and lighting to give that “at home” look
pet sitting highlights  Taking out trash
pet sitting highlights  Checking for any water leaks
pet sitting highlights  Checking refrigerator, freezer, A/C and/or heater for operating issues
pet sitting highlights  Checking for any broken windows, doors or unauthorized access

Per Visit Rates30 minute visit45 minute visit60 minute visitEach additional 15 minutes
6:00am - 9:00pm$20$25$30$5
9:00pm - 6:00am$30$35$40$10
Major Holidaysadd $5 per visitadd $5 per visitadd $5 per visit

Enchanted Dog Walks

You don’t have to be away from home to treat your fur baby to a fun-filled,romp around
the neighborhood! The Furry Godmother will gladly take your pet(s) for an enchanting walk when you can’t. Recovering from surgery, entertaining, or just too pooped to play. We’re available to get them out in the fresh air…rain, or shine. (Requires monthly schedule for discounted walks).


1 visit per week2 visits per week3 visits per week4+ visits per week
Daily Walk (30 minutes)$20 per visit$20 per visit$19 per visit$18 per visit
Rate per Each Additional Dog$5 per visit$5 per visit$5 per visit$5 per visit

As an alternative to doggie daycare, we’ll drop in on your pet(s) between 11am and 3pm to provide them with fresh food and water, a potty break, and playtime! A perfect service for puppies and/or elderly pets that can’t hold it as long as the big-dogs.

pet sitting highlights  Avoid dreaded daycare germs
pet sitting highlights  No dropping off and picking up
pet sitting highlights  No bullying on the playground
pet sitting highlights  No need to vaccinate for Kennel Cough or other diseases
pet sitting highlights  Pets are HAPPIEST at HOME!

1 visit per week2 visits per week3 visits per week4+ visits per week
$20 per visit$20 per visit$19 per visit$18 per visit

Pet Sitters - The Furry Godmother

Some pets may suffer separation anxieties while you’re away and may exhibit nervous behaviors such as excessive barking, destroying property and urinating in the house. Pets that have suffered some trauma may be more subject to separation anxiety and some pets may have medical needs that require more attention. The Furry Godmother’s overnight service is the perfect solution to comfort and care for those pets.  Your pets will receive oodles of attention, play and TLC and your home will be occupied providing added security for your home and pets.

The Slumber Party includes:

pet sitting highlights Your sitter will arrive between 9:00pm and 10:00pm
pet sitting highlights Your sitter will leave between 7:00am and 8:00am
pet sitting highlights The late night and early morning visits are included which saves you $20 per visit if purchased separately
pet sitting highlights Lots of one-on-one attention, love, affection and playtime

We do ask that your pet sitter be allowed to use your TV and microwave/stove during their stay.  Pet sitters will bring their own Internet device(s), food and beverages. Your sitter will NOT utilize any service that would cause you to incur charges (such as pay-per-view, long distance, etc.).

Your sitter will bring either an air mattress or their own linens.

This service is extremely limited in availability, therefore it is recommended that you reserve this service as far in advance as possible.

Overnight VisitAdditional Daily Visits If Requested

The Furry Godmother is available to transport your pet(s) to and from veterinary appointments, the groomers, play dates, or whatever need arises. Car-safe carriers must be supplied for our feline friends, or any exotic pets.


One WayRound Trip
Base Rate up to 15 miles and 2 pets$25$35
Each additional pet over 2$3$6
Each additional mile over 15$3$3

Poop is filled with unpleasant germs and diseases that can pose serious health hazards for everyone, most of all children. Our affordable Poop Poofing service, removes all dog waste from your yard. We also treat frequent spots with a magical solution to prevent “urine burn”. And, like a good Furry Godmother…we’ll inform you of any noticeable changes in your dog’s bowel movements. Unparalleled service, cancel at any time.

All homes are subject to a $30 initial cleaning fee. Large yards may be more. Customers are invoiced bi-weekly, or monthly.

Number of Dogs1 visit per week2 visits per week3 visits per week
1-2$22 per visit$19 per visit$17 per visit
3-4$27 per visit$27 per visit$21 per visit
5-6$32 per visit$28 per visit$25 per visit
7 or more
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The dreaded litter box! Let us toil with the chore, so you don’t have to get your hands dirty. Perfect for those with a difficult time bending over, super-busy parents, or anyone just too grossed-out to deal with it! Service can be provided up to 7 days a week, and you don’t have to be home. We pop in…and the poop’s out!

Have an elderly friend with limited flexibility? This makes the Purrrrfect gift!

Number of boxes1 visit per week2 visits per week3 visits per week
1$20 per visit$20 per visit$19 per visit
2$25 per visit$25 per visit$24 per visit
3$30 per visit$30 per visit$29 per visit
4$35 per visit$35per visit$34per visit
5 or more
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Since we’re popping in for visits, let us know if there are any errands we can run for you on the way. Great for picking up dry cleaning, stopping at the pet store for food and treats, staples from the grocery, or a missing ingredient for dinner. Whatever the need, whenever it arises…that’s what Furry Godmother’s are for!

$30 per hour billed in 15 minute increments (one hour minimum).

You know that feeling you get when you realize you just locked your keys in the house? Well, we’ve all been there and it’s not fun.  Maybe you have a spare or maybe you gave one to a neighbor you trust, but what if they’re not around?  If you are in our Key Retention program, then we can help you out!   Just give us a call if you need to get back into your house and we’ll bring the key to let you in. We can usually get you back inside faster than it would take for a locksmith to arrive and for a lot less.  This service is $16.

This service is for people who don’t have pets. We will come to your home & bring in your mail & newspaper, water your houseplants, open or close window blinds & whatever else you need to have that lived in look.

Per Visit Rates30 minute visit
6:00am - 9:00pm$20
9:00pm - 6:00am$30
Major Holidaysadd $5 per visit

HOLIDAY SURCHARGES (upon availability)

For holidays, add $5.00 per visit, to any of the above services. Holiday service MUST be scheduled at least 7 days in advance of the holiday.

pet sitting highlights  New Years Eve and New Years Day
pet sitting highlights  Easter
pet sitting highlights  Memorial Day
pet sitting highlights  Independence Day
pet sitting highlights  Labor Day
pet sitting highlights  Thanksgiving Day + Following Friday
pet sitting highlights  Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

$5.00 fee for scheduling any service with less than 48 hours notice
$25.00 fee for any service canceled less than 48 hours from scheduled visit


The price of fuel has made it increasingly difficult for us to keep prices low. All visits, regardless of the service provided, are subject to a fuel surcharge. Here is how we determine it:  we use Google Maps to calculate the minutes of travel time to your home from our office.  Click here to calculate any applicable fuel surcharges.

15 minutes & under16 - 1920 - 2324 -2627 - 2930+ minutes
NO CHARGE$2 per visit$3 per visit$4 per visit$5 per visit$6 + $1 ea additional 2 min and over