Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What will you do during visits with my pets?
Visits will consist of providing fresh water, feeding, medicines if needed, playtime, outdoor time, and plenty of attention for your pets. We can also turn lights on/off, collect mail and newspapers, water plants and take the trash out.

Q. Are you available for times other than vacations?
Absolutely! We provide services such as walking your dog(s), checking in on older pets, or pets in recovery, play time, and feedings, while you’re at work. We also provide pet transportation services to and from grooming and veterinary appointments.

Q. Will you take my pets to your home or come visit them in mine?
We come to your house to care for your pets. This way your pets are able to stay where they are most comfortable; in their usual surroundings, which helps in reducing stress for you and your pets, while you’re away.

Q. When I go out of town how many times per day should you visit my pets?
For dogs, we recommend at least two visits per day. For indoor dogs, three times a day is better. For healthy cats, one visit per day is usually sufficient.

Q. How long will you visit with my pets? 
Our visits are usually 30 minutes, which provides enough time to feed, play and exercise, and let them relieve themselves sufficiently.  Longer visits are available as well, if needed.

Q. Do you require that my pets have their vaccinations?
Many pet sitters require that your pets be vaccinated and on some sort of flea prevention. However, because of changing laws and medical research on the side effects of vaccination, and flea medication, we leave that very personal decision to pet owners. We request that you inform us either way, if your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations, so we can take precautions when walking.

Q. If my pet becomes ill while I’m away, how will that be handled?
We collect necessary information from you in advance on how to handle such emergencies. This includes the name and phone number of your vet, and how much you authorize to be spent on your pet’s behalf. We also ask for contact names of people who may help with decision making should you not be reachable.

Q. What if you have an emergency and can’t get to my pets?
We have backup plans in case an emergency arises. Fulfilling our obligation to you is a top priority. In case of severe weather that makes it impossible to travel, we collect names of nearby neighbors that can check in on your pets until we can get there.  In any event, we’ll make every effort to ensure your pets are cared for.

Q. Do you provide overnight stays at my home?
Sure!  We call that a Slumber Party and your pets will receive oodles of attention, play and TLC and your home will be occupied providing added security for your home and pets.  Since this service has limited availability, please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Q. What days of the week are you available?
Every day of the week.

Q. If I’m going to be gone during a holiday, will you care for my pet?
Yes, but we do charge an additional fee for holiday service. Please see Service and Rates.

Q. I’d like to have my neighbor come visit my pets part of the time and have you come part of the time. Is that an ok thing to do?
If someone will be in your home while you’re away, be sure to discuss it with us prior to scheduling.

Q. Should I call before I leave to confirm my trip?
Definitely! Just before you leave, call us to confirm that the trip is going as scheduled and then again when you return home.

Q. How are my keys handled?
Click here to read our “Security Key” policy.

Q. What about insurance and bonding?
The Furry Godmother is fully insured and bonded. This protects you should there be an incident that involves either your pet or your property. We can show you proof of insurance and/or bonding upon request.

Q. What about references?
Please check our “Testimonials” page for feedback on our service.